About Us

Convex Investments is a Real Estate Investment firm that markets and acquires residential and commercial real estate, at reduced prices, for rehabilitation, redevelopment, repositioning and resale to the marketplace.

For over 17 years, the principals of Convex Investments have developed a deep understanding of the Greater Los Angeles market through working directly in real estate sales, finance, acquisitions, and property management. The properties we consider for purchase are only in solid markets that are known for their value, desirability to live, strong employment opportunities, and median prices.

These properties are available at reduced prices due to a number of factors including, but not limited to:
• Financial distress of the owners – i.e., foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy
• Functional obsolescence – i.e., homes that are reaching 50+ years old
• Unwanted inheritance of a property – i.e., trust sales, probate sales
• Structures with deferred maintenance or in original condition
• Structures that are not habitable – i.e., burn downs, tear downs, severely vandalized, incomplete construction
• General development opportunities

Properties are usually held for 3-6 months from purchase to rehab to resale. Properties that require tear down and/or rebuilding or additions are held for approximately 9-10 months from purchase to resale.